Universal Hardness Testing Machine ZHU250CL

Hardness Testing Machine ZHU250CL

Today’s modern all-purpose hardness testing machines are based on technologies making innovative use of mechatronic components. Their high level of precision gives them a wide range of applications, particularly in quality assurance, production-line checks and in the laboratory environment.

In the ZHU250CL hardness tester the latest close loop technology is used for applying test forces . The closed loop control system is designed to have a much lower signal-to-noise ratio than a traditional load cell, thus providing much greater consistency of test force application. The accuracy on all loads beats the requirements according to the relevant ISO and ASTM standards.

The extremely wide test force range of 4.9 N to 2.45 kN (0.5 kg to 250 kg) enables testing according to Vickers, Knoop, Rockwell and Brinell to ISO 6507, ISO 4545, ISO 6508, ISO 6506 and the relevant ASTM standards.

Revolver of the Universal Hardness Testing Machine ZHU250CL

The unique “4-plus-4” turret is able to carry up to 4 lenses and up to 4 indenters simultaneously. The turret is also designed to allow testing in hard to reach positions by using a unique vertical rotation mechanism with an adjustable approach velocity. The dwell time is variable from 5 - 60 seconds. A high-resolution 1.3 megapixel USB camera is integrated in the hardness tester.



Universal hardness tester ZHU250CL from Indentec

The universal hardness tester ZHU250CL with closed loop high precision force control is designed to have a ...
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