The short-span compression test (SCT) explained

In the short-span compression test (SCT) the compressive strength of paper is determined to ISO 9895, DIN 54518 or TAPPI T 826.

In the short-span compression test the strength of the paper in compression mode is determined. Because only a very short length of paper (0.7 mm) is used in the test, greater account is taken of the load-bearing fiber portion of the material than with the traditional test methods (ring crush test, corrugated crush test or linear crush test). Determination of the compressive resistance has now become established as an alternative to the ring crush test .

Short-span compression test (SCT)

Short-span compression test (SCT) with Zwick

  • A very stiff test arrangement restricts the influence of the machine on the specimen to a minimum.
  • Specimen and load cell are located in the same symmetrical axis, eliminating bending moments which may distort results.
  • Optimum specimen parallelity is achieved with the Zwick strip-cutter.



Short span test - Streifenstauchversuch

Short span test to DIN 54518 / ISO 9895 - Streifenstauchversuch nach DIN 54518 / ISO 9895
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