The burst test explained

The burst test determines the maximum resistance (in kPa) of a specimen to an increasing pressure. Zwick burst testers determine the bursting strength of paper in accordance with ISO 2758. The bursting strength of board and paper as per ISO 2759 can also be determined with Zwick, thereby covering the entire range from paper to heavy corrugated board.

To measure bursting strength, the specimen is gripped securely between two clamping rings. Once a corrugated board specimen is clamped it is essential to maintain the gripping force to ensure reproducible test results. Particular attention must be paid to the dynamics of the testing equipment. As a burst test is performed within a few seconds and the maximum pressure must be determined with absolute precision, the measurement speed of the testing instruments must be correspondingly high. If results are to be compared between different laboratories, the measurement speeds of the instruments must be identical. A constant volume-flow must also be maintained during the test with a high degree of accuracy.

Burst test

Burst test with Zwick

  • Burst tests with Zwick materials testing machines are program-controlled, ensuring correct results at all times with a minimum of manual operator intervention.
  • Available from Zwick is a pressure pre-selector, which allows rapid selection of up to five different controlled gripping pressures via a rotary switch.
  • The machine detects bursting of the specimen and stops immediately. This reduces the load on the diaphragm, extending its life.
  • Tests are performed under constant conditions, even when there is a change in operator.
  • The flow is controlled within a very narrow tolerance range and remains constant even at high loading.
  • Zwick Roell materials testing machines employ digital control to ensure a constant volume flow regardless of load.
  • Real-time graphics enable the operator to see immediately if the test has been performed correctly.
  • Variable data acquisition rate guarantees consistent results between producer and processor, avoiding systematic discrepancies between different laboratories.
  • Service interfaces and maintenance-friendly design reduce downtime and associated costs.


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