The 4-point flexure test explained

In the 4-point flexure test the bending stiffness of corrugated board is determined in accordance with DIN 53121 or ISO 5628. The 4-point flexure test delivers reliable stiffness values in the machine and transverse directions. This is particularly important for mini-flute corrugated board, where the stiffness of the board plays a significantly greater role than with standard flute heights.

4-point flexure test with Zwick

  • Using expertise gained from flexure test kits for structural materials, (aerospace, ceramics and high-performance metals), Zwick has developed a 4-point flexure test kit for board and corrugated board.
  • The result is a moderately priced fixture which is comparable to existing solutions; moreover, it can even be used with our smallest machine, the zwicki.
  • In contrast to instruments which use weights for specimen loading, operation is quick and straightforward: the specimen is simply positioned on the flexure test kit and the test is started. Stiffness is calculated automatically, with allowance for elastic limits.
  • The anvils supplied with the flexure test kit are designed to accommodate fully the properties of corrugated board, allowing even warped or buckled specimens to be tested in many cases.
  • Measurement is possible even with production-related self-deformation of specimens.


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