(007) 2500 kN High-capacity Testing Machine

tensile tests on concrete reinforcement steel

Key features:

  • electro-mechanically driven materials testing machine, nominal load 2500 kN
  • max. test stroke 1200 mm with built-in specimen grips
  • hydraulic grips, max. gripping force 3850 kN
  • makroXtens extensometer
  • Zwick testXpert II testing software for tensile tests

Customer Advantages and benefits

  • wide measuring range allows precise determination without re-tooling, even with low test-loads
  • low-maintenance, pre-stressed and backlash-free ball-screws ensure accurate, long-term tensile and compression testing plus reduced maintenance costs
  • modular design throughout the system allows the entire Zwick accessory range to be used, including a wide variety of extensometers, specimen grips and other test fixtures
  • long travel combined with comparatively low build-height provides trouble-free specimen clamping and user-friendly testing over a wide range of specimen lengths
  • high crosshead positioning accuracy ( 0.001 mm)
  • operator involvement limited to pushing a single button in standard tests using Zwick testXpert II testing software
  • foundation not required




Представительство в Москве:
Tel.  +7 495 783 88 12/14
E-Mail  info@zwick.ru

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