Change of partnership situation in South Africa

We regret very much to inform you that our partnership with Apollo Scientific cc has been terminated by the end of July 2013. We are in the process of seeking for and finally selecting a new sales and service representation for South Africa and are confident to come to a decision by the end of September 2013.

Although Zwick GmbH & Co. KG is not Apollo’s successor in title, we feel obliged to our customers and their interests.

Therefore, Mr. Hellfried Kröller is happy to take care of your interests and equipment-related issues.

Mr. Hellfried Kröller  
Zwick GmbH & Co. KG  
August-Nagel-Str. 11  
89079 Ulm   

Phone:  +49 7305 – 10345
Telefax: +49 7305 – 10215
Mobile:  +49 171 – 341 4717
E-mail: hellfried.kroeller@zwick.de

As long as there is no final decision for a new sales partner, Mr. Kröller will get local support by the company Avatar, which was founded by former Apollo employees. Please feel free to contact Heidi Rhodes and Michelle Beattie:

Heidi Rhodes
Tel: +27 83 280 9989
Email: heidi@avatar-solutions.co.za

Michelle Beattie
Tel:  +27 84 250 2620
Email: michelle@avatar-solutions.co.za


Представительство в Москве:
Tel.  +7 495 783 88 12/14
E-Mail  info@zwick.ru


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